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Communities of the Order

"The [Holy] Spirit, who at different times has inspired numerous forms of consecrated life, does not cease to assist the Church, whether by fostering in already existing institutes a commitment to renewed faithfulness to the founding charism, or by giving new charisms to men and women of our own day so that they can start institutions responding to the challenges of our times." (POPE JOHN PAUL II Vita Consecrata  article 62  March 25, 1996)

The Purpose of this page is to introduce the viewer to some of the established Communities in Australia and other parts of the world. This webpage will be expanded to include more and more Communities -- as these Communities become more established in their locality.

There are a number of Communities around the world -- in various stages of growth including those who are only in the initial stages of development -- this is the majority. There are also a number who are composed of only a few families of the Third Branch but who are not yet fully functioning.

What follows is a web-portrait of some of the lived experiences of diverse families and young people who desire to live a vowed life in the Religious Order of Saint Charbel.

The Communities referred to below have a certain history and documentation including photos and articles -- which have helped us in making a web presentation possible. With time we hope to include more and more details on all of our Communities -- in order to show the fruits and vibrancy of God's work around the world.


The Community of Gethsemane (Mother House of the Order)
CAMBEWARRA, N.S.W. AUSTRALIA This is the Motherhouse of the Order of Saint Charbel. It is the first Community to have all four Branches.

The Community of the Sacred Heart
TYAAK, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA This Community was the first major Community to be founded after the Motherhouse.

The Community of the Most Precious Blood MEREDITH, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA This Community is a strong and vibrant expression of true devotion to the charism of the Order. Central place is given to the Holy Eucharist and the family. On a very large property, there is a blend of industry and farm work.

The Community of the Holy Ghost
ORMEAU, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA This Community was formed through the selfless dedication of home and land to form the Community. The family atmosphere and hospitality have always been exemplary. The major industry includes the hard work of running Grocery Stores in the local community.

The Community of Most Pure Heart of Saint Joseph (under construction)
REEVES PLAINS, SOUTH AUSTRALIA This Community is small in number but on a very large farm property.


Bethlehem Community (under construction)
SALISBURY, NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA This Community is well established since 1987. The original location was in the city of Saint John, New Brunswick. Currently, there are several families composing the Third Branch and several Charbelite Sisters composing the Second Branch. There is a very nice Chapel situated on the property which is the centre of Eucharistic devotion and community prayers. As of May 2004, this Community now has its own Charbelite Priests.

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