AT 6:30 PM ON  23RD SEPTEMBER, 1988.

LITTLE PEBBLE: There are three beautiful crosses in the sky, and  they are on a sort of mountain. Looks very much like Calvary to me. There are three Angels behind them, and one  is St Michael, and St Gabriel and St Raphael - three great Angels.

We will continue the Rosary till Jesus and Mary come..................

Our dear Lord is already coming, and is standing  about a metre or so above the little cross on the altar,  and Jesus is dressed in a beautiful creamy white sort of......... and He has a red cape on His shoulders,.........just  like  the Holy Father wears, and around  His  mid waist is a beautiful golden sash.

It's  really beautiful and Jesus has no sandals on.  He is just standing on a bluish white cloud - very unusual cloud,  with a metallic look about it. Jesus looks  to everyone individually, and he's piercing each soul with His Heart. It's very unusual, but it's a little beautiful  ray of light, but it's shooting out from  His  own Heart,  which  is placed on His chest  outside  of  His Body.  It's very unusual, but it is a radiant  glow  of light, and it is really beautiful.

Jesus now steps to my left side , over there a bit, and is  looking behind Him now, and I can see  Our Blessed Mother, and She is coming down very fast. Seems to  be from this hill, but Our Lady's coming on this cloud,  a pure white cloud. Our Lady is coming to the left of Our Lord  - on my right, and Our Lord is standing a  little bit  to the right of the cross up there, about a  metre or so above it.

Our Lady is also dressed in white now, with a beautiful white  gown,  and She has on a very light  blue mantle coming  down  from Her head, going right  down  to  the ground,  to Her feet, and Our Lady has no  sandals  on. But on Her feet I can see little golden rosettes,  tiny little roses placed in between Her big toe and the next toe, and it's very sweet, and I can see Our Lady's hair coming  out along the side, hanging over the  front  of her a little, and it's very long and beautiful.

It's light brownish type hair, sort of gold, and  Jesus and  Mary look very much alike............. their  complexion, their eyes, and facial features are very much the same. It's really beautiful.

Now  I can see also on Our Lady's chest, I can see  Her Immaculate Heart starting to form. It's very beautiful, and the two Hearts are now coming together, coming  off the chest, and coming together and are sort of suspended in mid air above the cross. It's very unusual,  but I've  seen it before, and the beautiful rays  of  light are  falling  down upon this Chapel and  upon  everyone here. These are Graces coming from Jesus and Mary,  and Jesus puts His finger to His mouth, which means Listen!

OUR LORD: "I bless you My sweet child, My Little Pebble of Love and Light, and My sweet children here present , in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

My  beloved  children, from the Sacred  Heart  and  the Immaculate  Heart  I give you blessings today from  My Father  in Heaven, to give you encouragement to  follow the  path destined for your Salvation. I have  brought with  Me My Holy Mother so She may speak to you  about this life and this community, and to show you how  much My Holy Mother cares for you, as I care for you, as the Divine Son and Lord Jesus Christ.

The road, My sweet children, to Paradise is one  marked with  the sign of redemption, which is My Cross.  This Symbol  must be before you every moment of your  lives, and especially when you walk the path of the community, of  souls  dedicated to a way of life to  that  of  the religious.  This life has been placed before you  as  a model  to follow in the footsteps of My own Heart.  The footsteps  are the footsteps on Calvary. This  is  why Calvary  has now been seen by our Little  Son,  because

this  is the path that you must lead and will lead,  to gain Sanctity and Salvation.

I  bless each and (every) one of you who  are  destined for this life, the life of the Cross. I bless you from the Heart of the Eternal Father, who will send down His Spirit upon you to strengthen you and encourage you, to perfect you through the virtues of My Heart.

Your  Life, My sweet children, must be one  of  Prayer, one of self sacrifice and self giving, totally for the Glory of My Father in Heaven. It is by giving, My dear children, that one receives. It is through the Sacrifice of the Cross that one receives all.

You will receive great benefits for offering your lives to  My  Eternal  Father; not only for  the  Kingdom of Paradise,  but  also while you travel on this  vale  of tears, upon this earth.

I mark you now with the Sign of the Cross, the Sign  of Redemption.  May this Sign remain always vivid  within your  hearts  and in your minds. In the  Name  of  the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, Amen.

My  Holy Mother wishes to speak to you sweet  children, from Her Immaculate Heart that loves you so very much."

LITTLE PEBBLE: Our  Lady  is stepping forward slightly. Our  Lady  is just smiling, and I've only just noticed that She has a Rosary  in Her hands. Our Lady takes the Crucifix  and kisses  Jesus.

OUR  LADY: In the Name of the Father, and of  the  Son, and  of the Holy Ghost. Amen My beloved children,  My Divine Son and I have come to you this evening to  tell you  of Our great love for you, and how we do care  for our children who desire to lead a life of perfection. I wish  to tell you sweet children, that it is  the  Holy Ghost who has inspired your hearts to carry forward  toa  life of dedication. My Divine Son and I have  great plans for this land. We desire very much that it become part  of  the Branch of the Order of  St  Charbel.  The purpose, sweet children, of this work is to save souls, not only  those  close to you but  through  the  whole world, because it's through sacrifice, much prayer and much  suffering, that all of you will be  purified  for the coming of My Divine Son once again upon this earth.

It is through your own sacrifices sweet children,  that other  souls will be called to live a life  of perfection. Do not be discouraged. Do not lose heart; for  my Divine  Son  and I will always be by your side.  As  My Divine Son has told you, the path you will walk  (will) be  one (and) the same as My Divine Son walked  towards Calvary and the Cross.

I cannot promise full happiness upon this earth  during this  time, however, in the Reign of Peace and in  time to come, your hearts will be flooded with the abundance of great Grace and joy. Walk Steadily and steadfast  in the Grace of God. Be patient with yourselves, and  with

one  another.  Trust  deeply in the  providence  of  My Divine Son, because He is the source of life and love. Have confidence, sweet children, do not be afraid. Hold on to My apron and fear not.

Even though you shall walk in the Valley of Tears,  you shall  have moments of great joy, as you see souls  by the many hundreds come to seek aid. Through your sacrifices, these souls will reach heaven.

I  desire  with My Divine Son that this place  will  be part of an Order that will bring Grace, Sanctification and many souls throughout the whole world, and  through your participation, through much prayer and  sacrifice, great fruit will be given to Holy Mother Church.

In  time  to come, sweet children, you  will  see  many Priests  and Religious pass through these Grounds,  but be  patient,  because  much is yet to  come  upon  this sorrowful world.

In  a very short time Holy Mother Church,  through  Our Holy Vicar, will give sanction upon this most venerable Order,  the  St. Charbel Order, inspired  by  the  Holy Ghost  for these times. Pray often, and be  united  in prayer.  Pray  much before you do anything.  At  every step that you take, be careful, and plan each step well with  much  prayer. You can be assured that  I  and  My Divine Son shall accompany you.

Be not concerned of how the finances will come. Be not concerned  how  all  will be fulfilled; for  I  and My Divine Son will assist you.............................that all in its own time and rightful place.

I  love you sweet children, and I offer you My  Immaculate  Heart  as a refuge for your joys  and  also your sorrows. Do not forget Me, for I am your Holy Mother. Pray  much  in the Spirit of Light and Love,  the  Holy Ghost - your God and My God, that He will descend  upon you and inspire you to great virtues and holiness.

I  bless you sweet children and encourage  you  through the  Heart  of My Divine Son Jesus, and  My Immaculate Heart.

LITTLE PEBBLE: Jesus,  now,  and Mary are moving very  close  together now.  Both lift up Their arms: In the Name of  the  Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Jesus  opens up His arms like this and says:  Peace  be with you my sweet children, and the spirit of My  Heart descend  upon  you  and remain with  you  forever.  In Nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sanctus, Amen.

Jesus  and Mary now step back into the sky.  The  three Archangels are still standing there, but both Jesus and Mary are moving very fast into the sky.


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