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Teaching/Learning 1:

"Love, Prayer and Penance; Humility, Patience and Tolerance"

OUR LORD: My child, I, Jesus, wish to instruct My beloved children in the way of perfection, the ‘Little Way,’ My chosen ones, for you are little ones. The ‘Little Way’ is for you - not the lofty scaling of heights, but the childlike ascent to the Arms of My Father. You are babies, so loveable, so I take you back to the Nursery of Love to start you off on this road of salvation. My little ones, your Heavenly Father has lowered you from His Arms; now you stand on your feet. Put your hand in Mine and walk with Me as I tell you of the Holy Way.

Love – Prayer – Penance

Love, My little ones, you have received in abundance. You are the Pride of the Father. You have His Love in you. Think of His Love for you, My children. Think of His Love which drew you into being from nothingness. It is only His Love which propels your very existence. Can you absorb this, My loved ones? Look at His Love - He gave Me - His only begotten, for the cruel life of deprivation, suffering, and the ultimate giving of the Cross. Look at the Love He has for you - then look at Me, Who gave My Fiat for you. It is not an easy thing to die for another, much less for unworthy ones, but, My children, My Love is beyond measure for you and for My Father. His Will is Mine and I give all for you. Our Spirit, the Love, the Ultimate in Love - Spouse of My Holy Mother. Our Spirit of Love watched Her pilgrim way on earth, saw all She suffered, for She suffered with Me, My children: love beyond measure, beyond measure. And, My loved ones, We are continually showing Our Love for you in so many ways.

My children, to perfect this virtue, will see you in the realms of Heaven; to perfect this virtue makes you a mirror of Us; to perfect this virtue brings you to the celestial heights and the everlasting reward. "I love you," - so easily said, but the actions often belie the words. Look at the family life - love in the family - but so often clouded by selfishness, ego, greed, intolerance. I want My children here, to take to heart the teaching/learning of these weeks, for you are commissioned to perfect these virtues, so when you return to your brothers and sisters, they will see the light of virtue radiating in the way you deal with each other. You are all one family. You must be the perfect family.

Look at My Holy Mother - conceived without sin - She never sinned in Her whole life. But My children, She was as you are - the only difference was, She was conceived and born free from original sin. My Mother had to strive every day of Her life and because She was in tune with God’s Will in all things and supreme in virtue, in Her humility and charity, She conquered all. Read of Her agony after My Death. She fought the supreme battle and won.

You, My children, must look to charity, to love, as your yardstick to perfection. Everything you do, do for love. Look at your brother - you look at Me. Look at your sister - you look at Me. See Me in them and act accordingly. You love Me - then love your brothers and sisters. Help them. Sacrifice for them. Pray for them. Do all with love in your heart, and if your heart is attacked, if you feel resentment and irritation creeping into the chambers of your heart, put on love, perform an act of charity, for this will drive away evil insinuations and disgruntled-ness. Turn your eyes to Me on the Cross and say, "There is Love. Help me to love as You Love, My Jesus." Always excuse; never condemn. Read the gospels and follow My Path of Life. See how I acted and pattern yourself on Me. Always forgive. Never tear another down by rash talk. Always build them up. I give you an example of love. My ‘Lilac Flower,’ My ‘Lotus Blossom’ - always in their heart and mind the daily toil of their brother in this community, always on their lips the praise of their brother in his lone struggle, supported only by his little Mark. Did you see the joy on the face of My ‘Lotus Flower’ as she neared the Home of My Spirit, the joy of returning? - And where has she been? - down at the store. My children, there is love - look about you and you will see it.

All My children, in their little ways, have these ingredients for heavenly perfection. You all have the basics. You are all building and I expect to see My little ones bring to fruition the seeds planted in this Community. The Tree of Love will blossom and fruit if you plant these seeds deep in the realms of your heart. Water these seeds with your prayers. Nourish these seeds with your sacrifices, for I tell you, My little ones, you will be the lights shafting out like the rays of the sun. Love is the way; love is the key; but all comes with hard work. Do you think the saints sailed up to Heaven with virtues in abundance? They toiled and wept; they strived and worked. They had different character traits, different ways of doing things, different expectations, but I saw their hearts and the love that gushed forth from their hearts overshadowed and blanketed by the many faults and failings that surrounded them. The key is, My children, they kept trying and slowly scaled the hills of life with their eyes fixed on the heavenly realms. You do also, My children.

Love is a precious word - use it with thought, with care. I will speak more on this, but now I turn to prayer and explain to you what prayer is.

Prayer, My darling children, is raising your mind and heart to God. It is very simple. I hear you say sometimes, "I haven’t said many prayers today." I smile at you, for your day has been a day of prayer, My children. If you are doing My Will - it is a prayer. Your life is a prayer. I have taught My ‘Golden Rod’ a little of prayer. I have given her a better understanding through her reception of holy communion. Now she listens to My Voice. She hears Me. You too, My children, when I enter your Abode, greet Me as you would the one you love most, talk to Me in words of love, thank Me, then, as lovers do, converse with Me. Let Me talk to you. Let Me tell you of My Love for you. Let us enjoy a companionable and loving soliloquy, for I want to speak to you and instruct you. Listen to My Voice, My little ones, for you will hear My holy inspirations. Prayer is walking hand in hand with Me, not so much reading at Me from a book of prayer, we know each other or should know each other a little better by now. We are in tune with each other, heart and mind. I want to talk to you more intimately, more lovingly. You are My beloved ones and I love you to distraction. Prayer is loving Me. My Spouses are learning well, for they include Me in all their ways. Just like a husband and wife who have a wonderful relationship of love. That is how it should be. Every minute you think of Me is a prayer. I see the seeds well planted in the way you care for Me in all you do. I have given you many short prayers of great power to assist you, for I have great demands on you for so many things. Use these prayers, and My holy rosary, for I bestow incalculable graces upon you for the intentions of your heart. My little ones, you are My prayer and I am yours.

Penance, My children - this is doing your duty as it is required. Many have a misconception about penance, but I tell you, there are so many avenues of gaining merit through the little penances of the day. You offer Me your tiredness. That is penance. You offer Me your sorrow. That is penance. You offer Me your whole day. That is penance. You offer Me whatever it is you’d prefer to do and cannot. It is an effort, My children, giving Me your will. Yes, just handing over your will to Me and obeying Me in all things is penance. It is hard sometimes, but you must do it cheerfully, not grudgingly, and you will find the way of perfection encased in the practice of the little penitential way. Have you seen My ‘Rock’? He is a living example of penitential practice for he does all for us.

Humility - Patience - Tolerance

My children, look to My Mother for the model of humility. I do not need to explain; you understand. In this modern world, the people are taught to assert themselves, to do their own will. It is not fashionable to be meek, to be humble. You have the example of the weak and the strong. The strong one senses the weakness in another and often crushes them. You see this in the animal kingdom. You see it among the children of men, portrayed by the various wars and the outlaws of society. Meekness is a holy virtue; look at My ‘Rock,’ weak in men’s eyes but a tower of strength in Our Eyes. He is the mirror of humility, if only eyes could see. Very few of My children attain the high degree of this virtue, for they live in a tainted world. But the seeds are there; the examples are there; it remains for the efforts to be made. It is, in effect, taking the ‘I’ out of the vocabulary and replacing it with ‘you.’ Forget self; look at your neighbour and observe the virtues shining in him and try to emulate them. Take your head out of the sand in relation to yourself. Excuse yourself no more and pray for the grace to see yourself as you really are, for sometimes you excuse yourselves so easily. Look to My Mother, the bearer of the Son of God, who was pushed from pillar to post with My Birth imminent. Did She carry on and complain? No, She laid Her gentle Hand on the Arm of My Pure Foster Father and soothed him and led him away. No, My Mother is not a model for those who are assertive and demanding, She is a model for you, My little ones, who will shine in this virtue for all to see.

Patience, My children. This is a virtue which struggles to find its place in this feverish world. Yet you see the prime examples in your ‘Rock.’ Look at the length of time he has steered the Mission of My Holy Mother, year after year and yet, he continues on through many obstacles, disappointments and seeming failures. Patience, My children. Think of the Love and Patience the Father has lavished on you. How many times has He absolved you in the Tribunal of Grace? My children, look to your Father; think of His Love. Think of the prodigal son, Mary of Magdala, the infinite Patience of the Triune God for you and measure them in your dealings with your brothers and sisters. The world is full of rush and fever - you know it. Slow down and give your neighbour your attention, your respect, your love, your help. One little word said in haste can crush a sensitive soul - you understand Me. Guard yourself from burdening your brother and sister who has already a heavy load.

Tolerance - judge not less ye be judged. Many see things in others and condemn them hastily. I say to you, "Be not hasty in your judgement upon My own who are thine own. Allow each soul to come to Me through the Immaculate Heart of My Mother." No one person is the same as another. No one person does things the same as another. Relinquish your will in favour of your brothers’ desires if necessary, for to do so, in love, wins great rewards.


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