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Teaching/Learning 3:

ETERNAL FATHER: The faith you have in Our ‘Little Rock’ must be strong as a rock, as he is. He knows, he believes, and he fulfils all that God has asked of him and is continuing to ask of him daily. Will you all do the same? It is not just the faith, the faith of words, the faith of actions, the faith of attitude to the Will of God through your superiors, no matter who they may be. It is a matter of faith in believing that all that has been promised to you by Heaven will be fulfilled. It is a matter of faith in stepping forward in the truth, no matter where you encounter opposition. Always, always, My sweet children, stand for the truth. And this means everyone, not only here, but throughout the world, for those who follow Our ‘Little Pebble of Love.’ The fruit of this mission indeed, is great, but the world has been blinded, blinded by all. They only look at the man. They do not see the virtues that you do see. Faith, My sweet children, one of the most crucial virtues that is necessary to fully follow the way of My Beloved Son Jesus - for all, He did the Will of His Father in Heaven.

Hope. Hope, My sweet children. Do not get discouraged, because things do not fulfil, are not fulfilled according to the Words We have given. Because, My sweet children, you only think on the natural plane, not the supernatural line. Time is not of importance, My sweet children, but remember this, all is going to be fulfilled - Our time, not in man’s time. Much has been given to all of you here in this community, and to My children here present. And why? For a very special reason, for you must all stand out as beacons to the communities wherever you are sent, wherever you are going. I want them to be able to say, "Look, she’s making the Sign of the Cross. She’s saying the grace before meals. She’s thanking her God." Don’t let them put you off, My children, by saying, "Don’t do that in public. We’re ashamed of you." Why are you ashamed and why are they ashamed of the Sign of the Cross - the Cross of Redemption for the world? The hope of the world was in that Cross, My sweet children, the hope of the world. And in the beginning, My sweet children, oh I could tell you stories of the martyrs who have gone forward before you. You know of many, but there are many, many hidden souls that you do not know about, and their courage. And one day, this little one of Mine, will write about them, for this I have promised her, through My Most Holy Mother, Mary. She has so many saints, and she doesn’t know what to do with them all, and you all have the same. But she knows, and the saints know, in their hearts, that she loves them, every one. And I know, My sweet children, that you all do here too, and in the communities. Because, My sweet children, they have reached perfection. They were not discouraged by the things of the world and what happened to them.

Isaiah, for example, he prophesied about the birth of My Beloved Son, Jesus, and of the virgin of the root of Jesse. They knew He was to come, but because of sin, and the world, they were not ready, My sweet children. They were not ready. Oh, how sad - so He was not even recognised, My sweet children, at birth. But do you think that the prophet Isaiah thought, "Oh well, it’s not going to happen now, so it’s not going to happen in the future." Of course not. They had the faith and they knew that it was prophesied that it will be fulfilled - maybe not in their time, but in the future. Because, My sweet children, God holds the future in His Hand.

And now, for charity. Oh what a great virtue this is, My sweet children. True virtue of love, of one’s neighbour, of one’s dignity. True love, deep within your soul, for one another. But not only for one another, My sweet children, but for also those who persecute you, your loved ones. Yes, I know, My sweet children, how you suffer from your loved ones, how they throw the daggers at you and hit you each time in your heart. But how many daggers, My sweet children, were thrown and cast at the Heart of My Son and My Sweet Daughter. Oh, many, many times, My sweet children, and yet She loved them. And My Son, what did He do? He died for them out of love, and He asked Me for forgiveness for them, for they knew not what they did to My Son and to Me. That is charity, charity of a life for a love, true love of a soul. Oh, My sweet children, you know yourselves - charity - what it really means. Practise it daily. It is here, but it must be extended more, within yourselves, to other souls who you do not like, for they must also learn to love. Maybe, in their lifetime, they have not received this love, but you give it to them by your actions and by your smiles.

Oh, My sweet children, how I embrace all of you, within My Heart. And it is true, My sweet child, what you saw tonight, and what you saw of the prayers, for your confidence is coming back once more, as you’ve been told it would. And the desolation you have suffered, sweet child, even though this may continue, keep forward, keep faith, keep hope and charity before you. And this goes for all and each and every one of you here. And these are for My communities also, throughout the world - to live in these virtues. For one day, My sweet children, your reward will be the same as the Prophet’s reward. And do not ever forget this, for the promises of My Beloved Daughter, Mary the Immaculate, it is promised to all of you, that each one of you, your children and your grandchildren will be saved. Remember that, My sweet children, remember that.


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