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Teaching/Learning 4:

‘HOLY SHIRLEY’: My beloved child, Shirley Helena, it is your mother who speaks to you. I want you to know, my darling, how pleased and proud I am of you and your sister, my Janice. My children, how you gladden my heart. It is full to overflowing with love for your dedication and fidelity. Yes, my daughters, I see your characters - strong and straight. You are among the privileged few who staff the Order of Saint Charbel. My children, do you realise the great privileges you enjoy? Yes, I think you do. Do you see me and the others who have gone ahead of you, how we come in the habit of the Order? My children, the dignity of the Order is beyond your comprehension.

My children of the Order, my sisters and brothers, we are all one family, for all who have given their true ‘yes’ - we are all one family, whether in Heaven or on earth. Much is to transpire in this Order, for it is a singular order - it has no antecedent and like no order in the future. It is, as you might say - a ‘classic’ - nothing can compare. Those children of the Order, my brothers and sisters in Christ, you put your hands in those of your Spouse and your Holy Mother. Walk with Them, for you are little children and, as yet, you do not fully understand the plan of God for you, or what it entails. All that remains for you children, is to walk with your hands in ours, in the way we lead you. Put aside what your desires are, or what your ideas are, and walk behind us. You are little ones, and we, your sponsors, your guides. We will lead you in the right way, to follow the plans of God for you. My sweet children, you can have no true picture of what God has in store for you, for He has not as yet revealed it fully. It remains only for you to take one day at a time, and in our company, letting us lead you in your particular road of salvation.

My darling ones, while on earth I tried to love God and His Holy Mother to the best of my ability. I tried to give all to this great Mission of Our Lady. God looked at my efforts, my enthusiasm, my struggle for perfection. He looked into my heart and found it acceptable. So I work for this great Order, but I work in the heavenly realm. I can do so much more for you here, more than ever on earth. My lesson to you is this, and I echo Padre Pio in these words, "Pray, hope and don’t worry." Take one day at a time, and do your best to perfect the virtues in you. Now is your training time, for soon, you will have to be the stars in the firmament from which the poor children of the world can take their guiding direction.

My sweet brothers and sisters in this Community, visitors and dwellers in the precincts of the Holy Ghost, never stop thanking God for His goodness to you, for His selection of you for this Order. It is a privilege beyond measure. Always be grateful. Your friends of the Order, who dwell in Heaven, never cease inspiring, guiding, directing and praying for you. You are their pride and joy. Be faithful now, never cease striving in the ‘little way,’ as Bob would say, for you are only little ones, and we love to nurture and caress you.

Be peaceful, sweet ones. We see all your worries, fears and upsets - yes, you are suffering in so many ways, but always, always, turn to us - and if you don’t understand, don’t fret, for your Spouse is quite capable of managing your affairs. Place all of your trust in Him. Lean on Him, for He is a ‘jealous’ Spouse and He wishes to exercise His prerogative in caring for you. And I don’t mean this only for the sisters, for the brothers also have their place in His Heart and affections. And He loves them to distraction.

My child, I encourage you to persevere and be true to the work entrusted to you by your Spouse. I am your daily companion and I will guide you and help you in all your future work. Pray for your brothers and sisters as I do, and prepare yourself to receive the graces and blessings your Spouse wishes to bestow on you. I love you, My darling, and your father sends his kiss to you and Janice. He is very proud of you.

Listen to my voice now, for you will hear me speak more often. May God bless you and strengthen you, my children, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.


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