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Teaching/Learning 5:

OUR LADY: My beloved ‘Golden Rod,’ I wish to speak on these virtues of love, to help souls to receive a better understanding of what they are and what they mean. My dear one, you have seen the words on the title of a book in your library, ‘To suffer is to love.’ To suffer is to love. This is so true, My child and dear ones. Look in your own circumstances, how you suffer for love, but just focus on your Saviour, My Son, Jesus. Think of what He suffered, and all for love of you. Suffering - compassion. Compassion means, ‘to suffer with.’ You know how your hearts ache at the distress of others. It is a bond of love with them. See how the mothers of My Order, suffer for love of their children, how their hearts ache at the misunderstanding and intolerance displayed. Yet these children suffer also, but not in alignment with God’s Will. They don’t understand; they need prayers and the continual suffering and love of their mother.

Now, My children, you all suffer in many and varied ways. Sometimes it is caused by your ego, your self, your sensitivity, your seeking attention, your desolation. Yes, all these sufferings assail My children. Some self-induced, some trials to gain merit but, My children, compare your sufferings to those of My Son and Mine - you have little to complain of. I tell you, My sweet children, the more sufferings you are given, or endure, elevate you to a position of honour, a position of trust and confidence of your God, because He looks into your heart. He needs His ammunition to save souls. He looks to see if you can produce ammunition in abundance so He can fire the graces of love at His unrepentant children, to turn their hearts of stone to hearts of flesh and warmth, of love and understanding of His great Sacrifice for them.

My dear ones, every little suffering that comes your way, is an avenue of grace and mercy for yourself and for others. Remember Bob and his pin - it is picking up the pins that cause the pinpricks and offering them to God for souls that gathers a multitude of graces for you. To suffer raises you up close to the Throne and Heart of your God. It aligns you with Me in the recesses of My Immaculate Heart. Never abuse or neglect this tremendous gift of fraternal love from your God, from your Jesus, for it is a singular grace and privilege to be offered this gift. He saves it for His precious ones whom He knows will give all - and they, My dear ones, will most certainly receive all.

To suffer is to love. So many times we have this opportunity to grace. A sharp word affects your heart - you suffer - offer it with love. A contrary direction from one you would prefer. Offer it with love. It is all a suffering. The key, My holy ones, is to suffer with joy in your hearts - the joy that you walk with your Saviour, and His Mother, along the same path. What could be more honourable or more privileged than that?

My children, life is short, but it can be sweet if you act in union with God in love and compassion. My ‘Golden Rod,’ did not Holy Shirley say to her loved ones how indescribably happy she was in Heaven and how it is worth all the trials and sufferings to attain that treasure?

The Australian dream, My children, has always been to own one’s own home and you’ve seen, in the past, how a man toiled and slaved to educate his children and to be secure in owning his own home. Well, My children, your home is in Heaven, but, to pay off your mortgage, you have to work in this lifetime. Nothing comes easy if it is worthwhile. The bigger effort, the more joy in the success.

A point I wish to make, My darlings, is this. Never become so engrossed in your own sufferings and trials that you are insensitive to those of your neighbour, who may be finding the road so much more difficult than you. Oh, they may not say much, but be alert and aware of them. Forget yourself in the service of others. You are all one family. If you saw your sister or brother of blood in distress, would not your heart be compassionate? In this Order, My precious ones, you are brothers and sisters - one family. Remember this, for it is Our expectation of you.

The sufferings of spirit, of physical, of mind, of heart - who can encompass the ramifications of the sufferings of My children? Even those of the world, they suffer from they know not what. Why do you think they take their lives? They can’t cope with themselves any longer. They despise themselves. It is because they suffer from the loss of faith. They suffer because their faith has been wrenched from them. They suffer because they have lost their birthright - so sad! Pray and suffer for these, My dear ones. Pray and suffer for the holy souls who clamour for your help. Pray and suffer for your families, for they wander in a wilderness. Be gentle in heart and mind for these ones who do not enjoy the privileges of your estate.

Prudence, My dear child, is not only a great virtue of wisdom, but also a holy gift of God. It is how you might say, ‘a lot to do with common sense.’ ‘Virgin Most Prudent,’ - you see how elevated is this virtue, because it is one of My most favourite titles. Prudence requires right thought, clear thinking, right action. Doing and saying the right thing at the right time. Knowing when to proceed and when to delay. Prudence in knowing when to speak, and when to remain silent. Prudence - trust. Many of My children have been singularly privileged, wonderful promises given to them, magnificent futures - even seen already in vision. My children, you are in the world; do not be of it. You have been told by My mystical spouse, Our ‘Little Pebble of Love,’ about the sanctity of the secrets of God. Do not cast your pearls before swine. Prudence demands these holy pearls be placed deep in your heart and not revealed and displayed to unholy hearts and minds. Dire repercussions can emanate from rash and thoughtless talk and action. How can My children really appreciate the gift of God to them if they open their treasure box in front of looters, robbers and thieves. Not only is imprudence highlighted, but also stupidity. I speak first on this issue as one example, for it is something many need to appreciate.

Lack of prudence, or imprudence - many of My children, especially the young, rarely absorb the dangers they place themselves in when they flout the Rule and Constitution of the Order. For example, it would be imprudent for a person to parade about in provocative clothing. It is an invitation to trouble. It says to the eye of the beholder that the wearer is receptive to advances. If a person goes to public houses and imbibes too much drink, they are leaving themselves vulnerable and unable to assert or protect themselves in danger.

In conversation, you have knowledge which is detrimental to the good name of another - it is imprudent to discuss it, unless in the interests of truth and justice. So many examples of prudence in daily life - even not wearing a hat in hot weather - you know what can happen to the health. Simple examples, but very much in line with common sense. Sadly, in these modern times, the general trend, especially among the children, is to demand attention. The parents, tired and weary, often do what the child requests for peace. The children find it is easier to get what they want by this demanding and badgering behaviour, and you see the trend. The child rarely thinks for himself. The best gift from a parent, in many cases, is to teach the child self-reliance and clear thinking, for a spirit of selfishness, and focus on self, prevails.

My sweet children, it is not prudent to put your soul in mortal danger by neglecting the vows and promises you have taken before your spouse. These are very holy in the sight of God, and you have been singularly privileged to be accepted in this Order.

My sweet children, why do you think the virtue of prudence is so elevated? It is one of the four cardinal virtues, the four pillars, on which stand the other virtues of life. They are the pivot. If you do not petition and plea for the grace of this virtue, you are like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, you do not stand straight, and nothing stable can be built on you. Prudence requires you open up your heart and mind to the holy inspiration your guardian angel whispers in your ear. Use these avenues of grace and assistance. Your angels and saints clamour to help you, to guide you, to direct you. ‘Virgin Most Prudent’ - pray to Me, My children, for I was a model of prudence in My life.

Justice, My child, is a cardinal virtue, as is prudence, temperance and fortitude. It is one of the four pillars which upholds others. ‘Mirror of Justice’ - a title of Mine from My popular litany. ‘Joseph Most Just’ - a title of My spouse, encased in his litany of praise. This is such a worthy and necessary virtue on the road of perfection. My children, think about the virtue of justice, but first, in relation to your God. Your Creator, your Father, who brought you into being, your Father, your Creator, who did not spare His only Son, so that you might have life everlasting. Tell Me, what is justice in relation to your God? It is this: you must love your God with all your heart, soul, mind and body and your neighbour as yourself. This is what you owe to your God. This is the practice of the virtue of justice in relation to God. It requires you carry out your spiritual duties in praise, adoration, thanksgiving and love. Always, and in every situation, God comes first.

It involves carrying out the Rule and Constitution of this Order of which you are a member, for example, daily Mass, if possible, frequent confession, attendance at Community prayers, joining the life and soul of the Order. Yes, you Religious children of Mine, as it has been stated so often, and is a running theme through this spiritual renewal and direction of the past days. You are all one family.

Think how a normal family operates if some members shun common pursuits. You have pockets of discontent, avoidance of company with each other and a gradual lack of common communication and understanding on what comprises your family. You find yourself not understanding each other, then aggravation sets in and the family begins to disintegrate and fall apart. Yes, you are all one family, and must operate as one smooth, well-oiled machine.

Justice in regard to neighbour, and I speak very generally here - for you must be simple souls and understand by practical example - justice, or fairness - you must treat all your brothers and sisters fairly, avoiding favouritism and irritation with others. It takes greater merit to deal with those with whom you have no rapport or like ground. You remember, in the Holy Book, even the evil ones love their own, and in another place, "What man would hand his son a stone, when he asked for bread?" No, My sweet children, do unto others as you would have them do to you. You have an obligation of love, to care for your brothers and sisters and love them, to look out for their interests at the expense of your own.

Simple examples of justice in relation to man - a member borrows some equipment. It is never returned. That member has been unjust to his neighbour. Another example, a member is on the roster to prepare lunches; she doesn’t turn up. This results in her sisters having extra work. She has been unjust, firstly, in relation to her superior and secondly, in relation to her sisters who have to work extra hard to cover her absence. While I speak on this example, My children, let Me take it a little further. I hear it said many times, "The nuns do all the work; they are in key positions; they can fill the gaps." Now, one might say, "The poor nuns - already overworked and weary. It is not fair - just to expect them to do so and so. Surely someone else can do it. What if the nuns weren’t here? They’d have to find someone else." Yes, My sweet ones, we know everything that transpires in your daily lives. Here is what I have to say. Yes, the nuns are tired and weary. Yes, they do much, but My children, you are to be the living examples of self-giving, self-sacrifice to all. Do you think your Spouse would not be able to sustain you? Do you think of the enormous graces lavished on a generous and willing heart? Do you not see the avenues of prayer, penance, sacrifice and love available to you?

My children, you are to be the beacons. It is not for you to worry if the others are ‘getting the message.’ That is My Son’s department. I ask you to re-evaluate your thinking. ‘Cheerful hard work’ - these three words elevate themselves from your promises. You say it in your entry and renewal in the religious life. Do all with love in your heart, for love covers a multitude of sin.

Justice, My children, in relation to the spoken word - never defraud your neighbour in action or in words. It is unjust to hurt your neighbour by speaking against his good name unlawfully. My children, to take away a person’s good name, is to leave him exposed and naked to the belittling eyes of others. Remember, in all your dealings, that you are all one family, and you have My Son dwelling in you and your neighbour. If you truly appreciate this, you will treat your neighbour as your beloved brother and sister in Christ, helping them, upholding them, loving them with no preferential treatment, one for another.

You know, My sweet children, your neighbour can feel an outcast in his own community through lack of justice practised by you. Think of the time when God was going to destroy a city. The prophet pleaded, "Will you destroy the city if I can find forty just men?" God says, "I will not, for the sake of the forty." And so it went on, until ten.

"Will you destroy the city?"

"No, I will not, for the sake of the ten."

Abraham knew how to pluck the heart-strings of God and God revealed the value of the virtue of justice. No, in our society of ‘get what you can while you can,’ the virtue of justice is rare. Even in My Son’s time, they weighed the shekel with counterfeit weights. Today, very rarely, does one find the values of honesty and integrity - justice in the world.

So, My children, if it is so hard to find in the world, make it flower here. Make this pivotal virtue a tower of strength, so that the world can say, "They are Christians. They follow Christ. We know it, for we see their love for one another." My children, you have examples of virtues, the cardinal ones, the hinges on which rest the others. Read your prayer book of the Order of Saint Charbel, and you will be enlightened.

I love you, My darling ones. Listen to your Mother now and try to bring justice into all your dealings, for when I hear, in the litany of My Spouse, ‘Saint Joseph Most Just,’ I see the heights of sanctity My just Spouse reached and you sweet children, must be like him. I love you and thank you for listening to these words.


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