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Teaching/Learning 6:

SAINT JOSEPH: ‘Golden Rod of my heart,’ I, Saint Joseph, speak to you for the first time. My daughter, I am well pleased with your work and I thank you for your love for me and my Holy Family. My sweet daughter, I have spoken to my ‘Little Grain’ on the virtue of purity – purity of heart, mind, body; purity of intention, purity of thought. Oh, there are many aspects to this virtue, but I want you to keep in mind the peak of a snow-capped mountain. Virgin snow, undisturbed by the traffic of life – the mud, slush and disruption of life. A snow-capped peak – pure, and a delight to the eye. My child, picture this in relation to the virtue. Your virtue must be as untouched and pure as this virgin snow.

You know, my child, what is in a man’s heart emits from his mouth. You know it is not what a man takes into his body that makes it dirty, but what comes out of his heart. "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." Nothing imperfect can look upon the Face of God. That is why purity is such an elevated virtue.

What is in a man’s heart comes out through his mouth. What is in a man’s mind can also offend against this holy virtue. You have heard the ‘Little Pebble of Love’ speak on this often. If a man looks lustfully at a woman, he has already committed the act in his heart, and therefore, the sin. There is no excuse to sin in this way. You must fly temptation and the occasions of sin by your vigilance, your will and your intentions.

I speak now of purity of body. Your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost. It is a holy temple. It belongs to God for, "you have been bought and paid for." Always treat your body with respect and respect the bodies of others. Remember always the holiness of God’s Creation. I also ask you, in relation to this virtue, to couple it with the virtue of modesty. [Not just] modesty of thought – it goes with humility – but modesty in the physical term; modesty in dress especially. My children look, in this modern era, at what has happened to this virtue. It has been crushed by the Evil One. So few of my children dress in a truly holy way. If my children only realised how many times they are an occasion of sin to another for which they will have to account. I speak particularly to the young, even the young of the Communities. My children, I see so often the young women wearing inappropriate dress. Oh, yes, the skirts may be long, but rarely are they full – most often they are close-fitting. This is not the way to wear your clothing because, sadly, this clothing does not veil the figure but accentuates it. My children, I know you like to dress in the modern trend. You feel comfortable in being like everyone else outside, but my children, how happy your Holy Mother would be if you modified your dress in a more Marian-like way.

And you, my sons, make sure you are wearing suitable attire as directed by the statutes of the Order, for I tell you, the Evil One is attacking the purity, modesty and chastity of this generation, for it will arm him well if he can win success in the hearts, minds and souls of our children. Review your code of conduct in dress, in manner and behaviour, for if you wish to reach the heights of sanctity, you must overcome the temptations hurled at you against these virtues.

Pray to me, my loved ones. I am a model for you. Your Holy Mother is a model for you. Be clean of heart and mind. Be chaste in thought and action. Be simple and uncomplicated. Be modest in thought, word and deed. Be the lights for all to see, for these virtues are very attractive and draw others to their practice. I love you, my sweet ones. Call on me. I will help you, for I am your protector and guide. I bless you, my children, and I thank you for your love for Me and My Immaculate Spouse and My Foster Son, your Holy Saviour and Spouse, Jesus. In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.


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