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Teaching/Learning 7:

HOLY GHOST: Sweet child of Our Hearts, the 'Little One,' do not be worried, My sweet child. Have confidence. You have improved greatly, My sweet daughter. Continue now to speak to My Children of the Light. Tonight 'Lilac Flower' has told you already that detachment is to be spoken about. And I ask each one here in their heart, what do they understand by detachment? It means different things again to different people. Detachment from not only earthly things but also detachment from the world and all that pertains to it.

You must remember, My sweet children, that you still live in this world of darkness. You may live in it, but not with it, rather you must still be detached from the worldly temptations that surround you daily. You all here are detached in so many ways, but it doesn't only mean detachment from worldly goods, My sweet children. It also means detachment from your family in that they cannot take over your lives for you now belong to God. Leave them to God, My sweet children. God will look after them for you and God will nurture them in His Heart for you, as if you were there for them. He will watch over your children, your grandchildren, and all your brothers and sisters.

One of the major things that people do not understand is detachment from doing your own will. Yes, My sweet children, everyone has a different way of doing things some are more forceful than others, but detachment from your own will and doing the will of another is far more pleasing, for it is giving this that is a part of self-giving. Who are you giving yourself to, but to God? detaching your own will to do the Will of God. For example, My sweet children, you might enjoy doing something rather than what the others are doing but you, instead of doing what your will is and carrying on with a tantrum, you say, "Okay, this is what God wishes for me." Be happy and join with the others in a spirit of love and self-giving, for there is much merit in this, My sweet children. You have examples, My sweet children, in many of your little children here who live in this Community.


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