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Teaching/Learning 8:

HOLY BOB: ‘Golden Rod of Virtues,’ my dear sister in Christ, Sister Shirley, I thank you for coming to this Holy Ghost Community. I welcome you here to this holy place where I lived and worked and sanctified myself. Yes, my dear sister, my life here was one of cheerful hard work, as you mentioned in your writing on ‘justice.’ Yes, my dear sister, everyone wonders how we did the work entrusted to us. Where did we get the stamina? Where did we get the energy to do what we did? It all boils down to this: attitude. You hear many times in this modern world, "Oh, he has an attitude problem," or "She has an attitude problem." It is the trendy catchphrase of the day. Attitude - or how to approach a thing or circumstances. Attitude, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, is a key to open the door to virtue.

Look at my beloved community here, sheltering under the Wings of the Paraclete. Look at this Community. I guided this little community in the ‘little way.’ Observe, my dear ones, the attitude of my little flock in your talks. Much dissection and analysis went on during your discussions, but my little flock, how uncomplicated and simple they are. My John, amazed at how simple remedies are not effective. My sweet Sister Marie-Louise who says, "We must do all for God - doesn’t matter if the people don’t appreciate - we do all for God." So simple. My ‘Lilac Flower’ - so discerning - so ‘down to earth.’ My ‘Little Mark,’ whose aim is to spread love. Yes, so simple. No attitude problem here. You heard my little flock talking of my ruling over their chapel visits late at night. How their hearts suffered! But obedient, so obedient they were. God rights all things, but he gives the superior the leeway to exercise his judgement. He never undermines a superior.

My brothers and sisters, my John has said, "Did you see Bob in the midst of turmoil, how calm he is? He hands all to God and relies on His Providence." Yes, one business closed. You imagine the paperwork. One business opened. Three workers available only. GST introduced and no computer. It would be enough to send the calmest man into a spasm. No, I had a good example to give, and that example was, to rely on God. Nothing is impossible to Him - faith and trust. Pray, hope and don’t worry. But this I did, and all was well. But do you see, my sweet brothers and sisters in Christ, my John and my little flock never cease to bring that example to mind - edification, my children. You edify others when you show your complete faith and trust in God.

My dear family in God, look to the example of my family. Husband and wife, hand in hand, give all. Their children, not understanding at first but, by God’s Providence and Grace - accepting. So, you have a total family in perfect union. A holy family.

Attitude, my sweet ones first, as my Sister Marie-Louise would say, "Look at yourself and your attitude" - right it. Do not look at your brother through dirty and smeared glasses. Put on the rose-coloured glasses of love. You love your neighbour and let him see your love, and you will find, this ‘attitude’ problem is not insurmountable. Love, sacrifice and self-giving. If all our dear ones would adhere to these virtues. I know you children here are one hundred percent. Show this one hundred percent in your daily lives.

Picture a strong, straight tree - very tall, reaching for the skies, to the heavens, a one hundred percent good tree. But, my dear ones, there are many branches which must shoot forth from this solid base, the branches of virtuous life. You will have rich, green, thick, healthy foliage in which the birds of the air delight to dwell, if you nourish the roots and shoots by the practise of your virtues. It is not much good, my brothers and sisters, to be one hundred percent yourself, and grizzle about those others you believe are only fifty percent. You forget about looking over the fence at the mess in your neighbour’s backyard. You set about cleaning your house, trimming your trees and mowing your lawns.

Keep your own affairs in order and don’t worry about your neighbours. You have no idea of his acceptability in the Heart of God. Think how you felt when you were about to have what you thought would be an unpleasant interview with another soul, how you mentally went through the processes of your defence, and how you would delve into the flaws of the one whom you felt was about to castigate you. Imagine your surprise, and relief, if you find the interviewer amicable, understanding, compassionate and helpful. How your heart would be lifted up with relief and gratitude and how you feel that you would do all to help him. Attitude, my brothers and sisters - gentleness, understanding, love and self-giving. Practise the little virtues of love and you will find your attitude to many things revised.

My dear brothers and sisters, look to the attitude of those who have gone before you and model yourselves on them. They did not shout and cry aloud and crush the wavering reed. No, reliance on Divine Providence, trust and simplicity of heart in the loving Providence and Goodness of a gentle and loving Father, a sweet and devoted Mother, and a Son, who welcomed a martyr’s death, and all for love of you. Look at Our Jesus - He died for love of you. Can you not perform a little act of love, of sacrifice, of penance, for one of your brothers and sisters? It can make all the difference to a soul. My sweet Sister Therese, the ‘Rose of Love,’ she proclaimed the ‘little way,’ as does the Order of Saint Charbel. The ‘little way’ should permeate our Communities, sending shafts of grace in through the doors and windows of every home. Oh, how wonderful it would be if our Communities were the raised platforms of beauty to which the eyes of the world were drawn!

My brothers and sisters, you have learned and are still learning the ramifications of being in the Order of Saint Charbel. Keep your hearts open, my band of brothers and sisters for, if you are of good will, the Holy Ghost will continue to pour in His Gifts of wisdom and enlightenment. Good will, my children, it counts. Think on a purchase of a shop, as I did, many times in my life. You pay for the stock - you pay for the goodwill. Is that not interesting, my dear friends? Goodwill is so precious, that in business, you pay for it to keep it.

So, my little lesson to you, my family of God, think positive. Think love. Think joy. Think less of self and more of others. Keep calm and serene. Keep peace in your heart and never let it go sour. Be slow and deliberate and reverent in your actions, for souls find it less threatening. If you are agitated, the souls close up. Think of an underwater clam. If a predator draws near, it shuts itself and retreats inside itself. This happens too, to souls. So always be peaceful in your heart, and do not let it be troubled. Rely on God and His Providence and love for you and follow the example of the family of the Holy Ghost Community. Give all for, as you have seen with me, you will receive all.

I bless you, my dear, dear ones. I am so happy you were united in my earthly home. I have been with you, watching you, listening to you and my heart is so happy, for I know you will go forward now, to do the holy work entrusted to you.

Be the support and love of my brother William, our ‘Little Pebble of Love,’ for you cannot imagine the sufferings he endures for his heart is one with that of God and His Holy Mother and Their Grief's are his grief's, Their Sorrows are his sorrows. Support him in his quest for the salvation of souls, the ‘Little Vicar,’ never become lethargic, but keep your zeal and fervour for truth and justice, always living, always vibrant, always strong. Persevere, my family of God, persevere, for the road narrows ahead. You must be very balanced to walk this narrow path, balanced in mind, heart and will. Take my love with you and give it to my brother, William, my little Bettina and the babies. Give my love to all in our Communities, for I promise to assist all who ask me for help.

Go with God, my precious ones, and I ask the blessings of the Triune God upon you all. I especially petition the Holy Ghost to flood you with His fire of love,’ to shower you with His Gifts and Fruits, to cleanse you in the crucible of suffering and love.

I thank you, my sister in Christ, Sister Ruth of the Divine Will. With you on earth, and I in Heaven, we will be a good team. Give my love to my darling ones, my living saint, Malu and my budding flower, my ‘Little Boy,’ Karel. My heart overflows with love and pride in you all. I wipe the tears of joy and love from my eyes; my heart is overflowing.

I bless you all with a blessing of brotherly love through the Immaculate Heart of Our Darling Mother, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.


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