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Teaching/Learning 9:

HOLY GHOST: My sweet daughter, ‘piety’ is the gift and virtue of which I will speak. The Gift of Piety is one of My seven Gifts and is a most beautiful and holy gift. But first I speak on the virtue of piety, which is regulated by the virtue of justice. The virtue requires we must give due honour to God, our fellow man and our country. In relation to God, we must give Him due praise, honour, love; and fulfil our duties towards Him. In relation to our neighbour, we must fulfil our duties of love and care. We must be just towards him in the manner of repaying what is owed to him. We must assist him in his necessities. We are obliged to care for and respect his property. It means to work with charity, to love your neighbour as yourself and look out for his interests. In relation to your country, the virtue of piety requires you respect the laws and statutes of the land, according to the Law of God. The virtue of piety, in effect, requires love and obedience towards God, the fulfilment of your daily duties, especially of the Order – daily Mass, frequent confession, attendance at prayer and community gatherings. You must do your duty.

In regard to our neighbour, we owe him good example; we owe him the love and respect of one who has Christ dwelling within him. We owe him the courtesies of life, for example, an item borrowed must be returned. You are required to take care of his goods. You are required to love him in charity. In regard to your country, most people have a deep inner love for the land of their birth, the land of their forefathers – a pure and holy patriotism. It does not mean we sanction laws which are unjust and flout the Law of God. No, you must examine all by the Law of God. You must fulfil the requirements of the Law of the Land. Some simple examples: Service – you must serve your country in fraternal charity. You must help the poor and needy and those less fortunate than you. You must support your schools. You have a duty to provide for your children’s education. You are all one family of God.

You see, sweet children, it is only just that you give what duty requires of you. In doing this, you are practising the virtue of piety. But, My sweet children, I wish to raise you higher on My Wings, I wish to bestow on you My Gift of Piety. It is the only gift of My seven which relates to your relations with God and man. It is a highly elevated gift and so precious to God. It calls for you to rise above and beyond the call of duty. It calls for the beautiful grace of the gift to flower in you. Sons of God you are, but have you noticed on the higher plane, some children love the Father in a dutiful way because it is expected of them. Others have a most affectionate and loving relationship with their Father. So it is when My Gift is bestowed. The child of God has a spirit of love, of filial affection and true and vibrant respect and frequent converse with Him. It means the child has an ever-deepening love for the Father, a spirit of self-sacrifice, a compassionate love for the suffering Heart of the Father. This one is willing to offer and suffer to assuage the pain of the Father’s Heart. This gift develops an overwhelming and holy care for all intentions of the Triune God – a continuing, loving communion. Oh, how this holy love pleases the Father! To Him, it is as if you are little children, climbing upon His Knees and hugging Him. Oh, the love of the Father’s Heart for His children! Do you see, My children, in the modern world, where a father is deprived of his children through domestic circumstances of bitterness and discord, he is uncontrolled in grief and often resorts to fatal actions. My children, think of the Father’s Heart when so many of his children neglect Him. Raise your hearts and minds to the Father Who loves you so.

In relation to your neighbour, who has Christ living in him – to do your duty to your neighbour is virtuous; to give above and beyond the call of duty, with love, is a gift from God. When you see this Gift in others, it gladdens your heart. You saw this gift very well displayed in My Community. To give, not of your surplus, but of your necessities, and with love – this is piety. You see this among some of your company – to give and not to count the cost. Remember, charity covers a multitude of sins. You see this in the lives of the saints. They gave their own clothing to those who needed it. They gave their own food to their hungry. They gave their lives in service, in a service of love. Look around you in your Community. See where this can be practiced – in giving of self, when you would prefer to do something else. This Gift, in relation to your neighbour, elevates you to the holy heights. "O Spirit of Piety, make me fervent in good works."

Fortitude, My sweet children, is a virtue of great significance. You say in your daily prayer, "O Spirit of Fortitude, strengthen my weakness," – the Strength of God, so necessary to persevere in the path of salvation. Strength, My children, you see it manifested in some to a great degree. You know yourself, if when in trial or sorrow, you seek a shoulder to lean on, someone to give you strength, to bolster you when in a weakened state, to comfort you and help you go on. My sweet children, Fortitude, as a virtue, is a cardinal one – a hinge on which rests others, one of the four pillars to uphold the other virtues. One must pray to acquire this virtue, for it is necessary for the acquisition of other virtues. You will notice, it is a lower level in Purgatory, deep in the depths, for those who have sinned against or have neglected to practise this virtue.

In everyday life, My children, see where this fortitude applies. It goes hand in hand with perseverance, with faith, with long suffering, with determination, with resolve. My children, to keep going day after day, in the face of great odds, takes a great deal of fortitude. Look at your ‘Little Pebble of Love,’ year in, year out, obstacle after obstacle, betrayal after betrayal, disappointment after disappointment – but never disillusionment. It is a great gift of God to have the fortitude to rise each day and fulfil your daily duties when you can see no advance in sight. But, My children, I see your advance; I see your progress. I see your spiritual treasure house being added to daily. Those faithful souls who give all show great fortitude. You may have heard the soldier being referred to as a man of intestinal fortitude. It means, he has courage. It takes courage to combat the daily round of duties without flagging. It takes courage to defend your stand to relatives who have no understanding. Fortitude, perseverance, courage, faith – the faith to follow, day after day, year after year, because you believe in God’s Word and the fulfilment of all His Prophecies. You believe in your ‘Little Pebble of Love’ and you stand with him. When he is slandered and reviled, it is fortitude to defend him. And this virtue is so basic, so necessary, for, if you have no courage, you will bolt like a startled rabbit before the lines are drawn. Pray for this holy virtue. Many times you read in the messages, to pray for strength and courage, to persevere. That is fortitude. It is one of My most holy Gifts, in a higher plane.

The Gift of the Holy Ghost – Fortitude – Strength from God. The strength to stand up and be counted in the direst circumstances. Look at My holy martyrs. Many suffered the most dreadful deaths. Look at My maiden, Joan, who was burnt at the stake – a young teenager. These great saints had faith, perseverance, courage, but above all, they had the Gift of Fortitude, the supernatural strength to place all in the Hands of God and His Divine Providence, even if it meant their death. This is the Gift – a great Gift. One never knows how one will react in time of great trial. The Gift of the Holy Ghost, the Gift of Fortitude, raises a soul above the human dimensions to the supernatural plane. Nothing matters to them but that they have their eyes fixed on their Salvation. Many, many examples are available to you in the lives of the saints. Some saints were canonised for the practice of this virtue, for they persevered and were strengthened in their weaknesses. Always value this virtue and great gift. Pray for it, for you are approaching the times when you must stake your claim for God. You, who fulfil your duties in this Order, who daily practise the virtues, who give their all each day in the service of God – you it will be who will be the recipients of My Gift, for you already have the virtue. You I will endow so that you will be the shining lights and the warriors of My Spouse, Mary the Immaculate.

Temperance – this also, My sweet children, is a cardinal virtue, a hinge, a pillar. It is a spirit of moderation, of regularity, of common sense. Temperance leans not this way or that. It takes a middle road. It also requires a severe accounting, for the level of Purgatory for those who sin against this virtue is also in the depths. Temperance, or moderation, requires that you exercise self-control, self-discipline. In the requirements of food, over-indulgence sins against temperance. It can be a very bad habit in this affluent society, to indulge in over-eating – gluttony is the result, one of the seven deadly sins. In the requirement of drink, over-imbibing liquor leads to drunkenness, loss of control and many other sins, due to lack of restraint. In the workplace, often one with the qualities of a human dynamo attacks her duties with such gusto; others are unable to keep up. They become weary – irritation sets in, intolerance and criticism. Many sins emanate from this lack of moderation. Intemperance can also lead to scrupulosity, especially in the realm of the prayer life. Some people pray unceasingly and never relax or take the required break to refresh themselves. Moderation is required in all things. All work and no play burdens the spirit. One needs a balance in their life.

Have you not heard this common sense from your moderator? On the other hand, the lack of this virtue also can manifest sloth, laziness, disgruntlement, lack of interest, failure to perform the daily duties, lack of pure charity and boredom. Do you not see, My sweet children, how easy it is to communicate with an even tempered person, a moderate person, a temperate person – no highs, no lows, one in whom you are confident of receiving a happy exchange in conversation? Yes, My children, temperate in all things. Look at your weather. If it is temperate – mild and gentle – you are happy. Look at the disposition of a soul – if it is mild and gentle – a happy exchange. My sweet children, the lack of this virtue, or the lack of the practice of this virtue has many repercussions. For example, if you hear a soul raising her voice and exchanging harsh words, her peace is lost and, the danger is, other souls will lose their peace. What results? Often, sin. Intemperance can be an occasion of sin to others, by bad example, by causing them to sin. You must stay on an ‘even keel,’ My children. If you are at peace in your soul, you will be practising this virtue.

Be temperate in your thinking. Think good thoughts of others. Always maintain peace. I say, look again to your Founder-Father. He has the gifts of the Holy Ghost. He is a man of great good sense. He knows the value of relaxation to rejuvenate the body and mind. Take your lead from him.

And you, young folk, keep in mind the value of this virtue, for if you do not practise it in your lives. And I refer to food and alcohol. I refer to speed in cars. I refer to the curfew of the Order, regarding the time of retirement at night. I refer to the practice of daily duties. I refer to your mode of dress. I refer to your code of conduct. Examine yourselves in depth on these matters, for I see a great need for personal review in many of My children. Remember where this level is in Purgatory and how you may be judged in regard to this virtue.

I appeal to My children, review your lives, not only in reference to temperance, but to all the virtues which have been set down in this document. If you see the need for correction, if you truly see yourself at fault, correct yourselves quickly, for this Order can delay no longer in thrusting down good, solid roots. This Order of Saint Charbel is going forward. If you are not ready, you will be left behind. What a tragedy that will be. But I say to My good and faithful ones, go forward now, for the time is here. This year will see the wonderful flowering of your efforts. You will see the buds shooting forth and the tendrils of grace reaching out and coiling round souls to attach them to this Order. It will be a great and wonderful year. Your hearts will exult and shout for joy. Oh, My faithful children of Mine, the faithful children of My Spouse, Mary the Immaculate, how I love you! You are the glory of the coming blossoms of faith and truth. Go forward now, under the shelter of My Wings, to take My Peace, My Joy, My Love to all who are receptive to the flutterings of My Voice in their hearts.


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