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Holy Week Triduum - April 12 to 15, 2001
(Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday)

[ These Conferences are gradually going online as they are transcribed ]

The following Conferences have been selected as outstanding examples of the Theme. These are given by various Speakers:

  • HOLY THURSDAY: Little Pebble Conference #1 - "What is Truth? Reflect upon if you had the Child Jesus in your care, how would you act?"

  • HOLY THURSDAY: Fr. Malcolm Broussard Conference #1 - "What is Holy Thursday? What really happened in the Upper Room?"

  • HOLY THURSDAY: Little Pebble Conference #2 - "What really happened in Gethsemane? Reflect on why did Jesus Suffer for me? How did Jesus Suffer?"

  • GOOD FRIDAY: Little Pebble Conference #3 - "The Price of one's Soul; Our freedom to choose; Sins of the Flesh and Sins of the Spirit"

  • GOOD FRIDAY: Mother Shirley-Anne Conference #1 - "Who are the Brides of Christ mentioned in the Gospels?

  • GOOD FRIDAY: Mrs. Pamela Ross Conference #1 - "Responding to God's Call; How and what are the key elements?"

  • GOOD FRIDAY: Fr. Malcolm Broussard Conference #2 - "How did Christ Suffer for our Sins? What Sins hurt Him the most? What was the Sin of Adam and Eve and the Sin of the Angels?"

  • HOLY SATURDAY: Little Pebble Conference #4 - "What did Christ mean 'that all Authority' is given by God? How is this reflected in the Order of Saint Charbel?"

  • HOLY SATURDAY: Mr. Christopher Stokes Conference #1 - "The Apostolate of Motherhood in the light of the Order of Saint Charbel"

  • HOLY SATURDAY: Mr. Richard Williams #1 - "What are the sign Posts of Truth related to the Church and related to the Mission?"

  • HOLY SATURDAY: Mr. David Williams #1 - "Given examples of Children Saints"

  • HOLY SATURDAY: Mother Shirley-Anne #2 - "In the Light of Truth, what is God asking of us today?"

  • HOLY SATURDAY: Mr. Guido Colla #1 - "Define what is Truth in relation to the Missions. Are we living the Truth?"

  • EASTER SUNDAY: Mother General Marie Therese #1 - "Christ's Victory through His Martyrs. What is our victory?"

  • EASTER SUNDAY: Mr. James Duffy #1 - "What are the Glories of the Angels?"

  • EASTER SUNDAY: Fr. Malcolm Broussard #3 - "Who is the Holy Spirit?"

  • EASTER SUNDAY: Little Pebble Conference #5 - "The Order and the Future, and the Second Coming"


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