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Retreat Conference given by Mr. Guido Colla
(Easter Retreat 2001 Holy Saturday 4-30 Ė 5pm)

What is truth in relation to the missions?
Are we living the truth?

The title of the talk seems quite daunting to me and it has taken me quite a few days of prayer to get any kind of inspiration so as to get to even the start of this talk.

The question is what is truth?

in relation to the missions. It is like asking what is God or what is faith. How do you define something that is so abstract? It is as if you have to go to the very opposite extreme and define what it is not!

If I can use an example of people that have been in the mission, left the mission they may even have been friends, relatives or employees. I have noticed that within a very short period of time that they lose virtue. They find it harder to pray. They tend to become resentful and quite uncharitable and sometimes even lose the Catholic faith completely. They withdraw themselves from your company and then they try to justify their actions without success.

That leads me to conclude that if one is in the Mission one has more of the TRUTH than if you are outside of it.

What is TRUTH? What is its definition? Ultimately there is only one truth and that of course is GOD. God always was and is without beginning or end. He simply is! He is all perfection, and all holiness emanates from him. We come closer to God by living what he commands. In that action one imitates God and becomes like him, perfect and Holy. It is like being close to a fire, one cannot help but get hot.

Now if anything comes from God directly and without interference it also is truth, as say in the revelation to Moses and the Ten Commandments. The proof that that is truth is that when one lives these Commandments and lives in virtue he is assured a place in the Kingdom.

The Catholic Church also has its commandments and if one knows them and practices them again one lives in hope and in charity and one becomes Holy or virtues. In itself that is one of the proofs that the Catholic Church has itís origins in God, for if one is able to live all the teachings of the Church, if we all listened and put into Practice the teachings of Pope John Paul 11, if we imitate Godís Saints, if we imbibe what the Fathers of the church taught throughout the ages, we would all be living Saints.

Godís promise of course is that after this life as we pass through the veil and dressed in the virtues that we practiced, God claims us as his very own, we become fully his sons and we share fully in the life that is god, that is Perfection.

Now that I have set the scene so to speak and having claimed that if revelation comes from God its fruit has to lead to the virtues of Holiness and perfection.

We now turn to the Missions, is it true? Let me say that the Mission of itself is only words and promises. The mission has to take flesh and the only place it can take flesh is in us that belong to it. Remembering at the same time that it was God that chose us to be in this mission. God wants and asks us to make ĎHis Wordí, or the messages become flesh.

The similarity between the Blessed Virgin Mary and us -- are startling when one considers the revelations to her and to us. Remember the Angel Gabriel came to her , to ask her to become the Mother of God, one couldnít help but being stumped and humbled by the very nature of the request, a lowly creature, albeit without original sin but a creature just the same, the mother of God? It seems too stupendous for words!

Just as the Blessed Virgin was asked in private revelation. We too are asked in person, through private revelation to become not only Sonís of God as is the privilege of every person that reaches Heaven. But he also wants to set us apart from, every human creature ever born, billions and billions of them. To become the heel of the Blessed Virgin so as to crush Satanís head once and for all.

There is still more, out of those billions of people, he has set 144,000 souls apart to be what it says in the book of the apocalypse, the first fruits of the earth. What a privilege, it is a similar, but without the worthiness that the Blessed Mother possessed. All that I have just said just now, are all just promises. Where does the truth come in?

If we accept that the Holy Bible is true, and I will assume that you will all agree on that point. Are the promises that we are given contained in the Bible? If the answer is yes, then there is possibility that the mission entrusted to us is true. Let me ask another question, are the messages and the directions that are given in the messages good in themselves, meaning do they, if we respond lead us in virtue, do they give us hope, do they ask us forever more prayers. Do they ask us to go to the Sacraments, to Holy Mass and Communion and Confession frequently? Are all those same requests in the scriptures and the teaching of Holy Mother Church?

The answers are a resounding yes. Are we now changing from a possibility to a probability? To my way of thinking, in the end there are only two possibilities, there is either truth of untruth, it is either black of white, and there is simply no room for grey. Would the "old bag" [devil] ask us for all these virtuous practices?

Another argument that runs around in my head is this. The teaching of Mother Church is that all of us are, mystically the Body of Christ, and that Christ himself is the head of this mystical body. And that the body, represented by us must go where the Head has lead. My thinking regularly leads me through this whole scenario. I think of the life of Christ, especially as described on a daily basis in the Poem of the Man God. I see him walking along and teaching goodness and holiness wherever he went and to whom-so-ever he met. Are we asked to do like-wise in the messages?

I see him rejected by the majority of the people. I see him ridiculed. I see him excluded. I see him disowned.

They tell lies about him. Some of his closest friends, his Apostles, tell him there is a better way. I see him performing miracles and healing people. He sought out both the good and the bad. Some he told directly to follow him. He always asked for faith. He never asked anything for himself, but was only concerned with the will of the Father. Some people followed him only so as to spy on him. Most of the Pharisees spoke against him and instilled hatred for Him with the Jewish population. They put him in a kangaroo court and made up charges. You know the story, I do not have to tell you any more.

Do any of those trials that Jesus suffered ring in your ears? Does it seem and particularly since you have been in this mission that they could be talking about you. Do you try only to be good and set an example and what do you get, abused, excluded, gossiped and lied about. Most of us have been disowned not only by our friends but also by our own families. You are rejected and cast of as if you are a fool. Even many good people frown when they see us coming. What is your response, you too ask for faith. Or maybe you ask them to see if there is any fruit in your life. You hold onto nothing as your own, but you also like Jesus, want to do nothing but the will of the Father. We all continually turn the other cheek, Iím sure that if we could see our cheeks in the supernatural world, that all of our cheeks are badly bruised and battered. And like Jesus we too go of to our private place and pray for the very people that have caused us so much pain. How are you treated by the majority of todayís clergy, do they applaud you for being a good Catholic and for setting a good example? I canít even get a response to a single letter sent to priests and bishops. Why is that? Is it that I have leprosy?

My thinking at this point is no longer that these missions are possibilities, or probabilities, but Iím going for certainties.

Another angle that appeals to me to look at is from not just our perspective or point of view but let us look at these missions from the worldís point. If there was error in the public messages as given by heaven to the Little Pebble over these last many years, how is it that that has not been used to advantage by the priests and Bishops that show us so much antagonism. Why have they not exposed those errors to the media? All they have ever done as far as the media is concerned is to tell lies, use slander, innuendo and falsehoods.

Why has the Church called a commission? If they had found real errors there would have been no need for a commission. All that the Bishop would have to do is make a statement against and give his reasons in black and white, errors against the scriptures, against the teaching of the Church or against Cannon law. And that would be the end of it. The Bishop of Wollongong of course did make some statements, but each of them was erroneous and could be refuted even by a child. None of the statements referred directly to the messages but only to the Prophet or the behaviour of the people concerned. Of course if you belong to the world and all of its enticements, than even a thing like devout prayer can seem like odd behaviour.

For me anyway, God himself proves these missions as truth on a daily basis. It is based on the grace of faith.

To prove it and you probably have all experienced it, maybe without realizing the reason why and when.

Have you ever felt deflated, or have you ever doubted your mission? Have you ever thought that it is all too good to be true. Or that fact is stranger than fiction? Have you ever-lost faith, or found the going just too hard? I have, and I bet a penny to a pound that Iím not alone with these feelings. And Iíll bet that same penny that your pain or disappointment didnít happen when you were on a high with God. Or when your prayer life was at itís best. Iím positive that your despair came either when you were very tired but it is more likely that it happened when you had found some reason or excuse to make yourself the centre of the world. Iíll bet you were not living the First Commandment, You shall love the Lord with your whole heart and soul and with your whole being. No you had neglected your prayers or the quality of your prayers. Or you had a committed a grievous sin and you had lost your faith in God to a certain degree. That is exactly what I meant when I said that God proves the Truth of these missions on a minute to minute basis, and what I mean by missions is that each individual has to work on his particular mission through the strength of his faith.

Have you ever thought about what happens when someone disappoints God trough lack of faith and thereby relinquished his particular mission? I have had many occasions to think about this on the farm.

We employ almost fifty people, some part timers, some male others female, old, young, some good some not so good. Some managers and office staff and others that have to clean the rubbish bins. Mostly all these people work as a team, and so all the chooks get fed, the eggs are collected and graded. The cows and sheep get looked after. The crops are sown and harvested. The truck drivers do their deliveries. The computer operators produce their letters and invoices. 101 orders are received and dispatched for religious piety goods for all over the country on a daily basis. You get the picture it is just like here in the community of Gethsemane, just like a little town.

Then on a particular day, one person doesnít turn up for work or he quits without giving notice. The mechanic says to himself near enough is good enough and the person on the egg grader just doesnít watch what he is doing. There is chaos. The foreman comes to the manager, the manager comes to the boss, and says what do we do. There is chaos all around.

Iím sure that that is how it is in heaven, I know that God is outside of time and that he has many contingency plans, but everything that we as individuals do or leave undone, frustrates or holds up the perfect plan of God. God in his mighty wisdom handpicked individuals like you and I for a particular job. He created you at a particular time in history, gave you particular parents and gifts that you would need to carry out perfectly the Divine Will of the Most High. He sets the scene and invites you to come and work for him, he gives you complete freedom to say yes or no. You say yes, not fully knowing what you are letting yourself in for, but you know the pay is good and that the superannuation is out of this world. You start with gusto, you change your life for the better, and your starting to get quite chummy with the Boss and his side kicks the angels, they are in there pitching in with you and everything is working just fine. Then one day you get out of the wrong side of the bed and you reckon you donít want to say your morning prayers, you donít turn up to your duties until quite late and then you only work half heartedly. The result is that the place is in shambles. God will work around you, but he is disappointed in you, he feels the pain of you having said no to him and he sees the possibility in the future that you may never get your pay or your "super".

The truth is that God is counting on you, you have given your yes, youíve done your apprenticeship and now you are on full pay. The promise of the future is so indescribable that we cannot even imagine how heavenly it will be.

You may at this point say, how does this last example prove the truth of the mission? Let me take it back to the promise or the question to the Blessed Virgin Mary. She had, as every other good Jew prayed for the coming of he Redeemer. She had read the scriptures and the promises that had been contained in it and she believed in them. She was by far too humble to expect that she was to be chosen as the mother and so the request at the Visitation came to her a complete surprise. It was by the power of her prayers and her belief and trust in Godís promises that actually brought forward the Incarnation.

In the same way as Christians we pray in the Our Father, ĎThy kingdom comeí, and more particularly during the Holy Mass when we proclaim the mystery of the faith, we say with confidence, Christ has died, Christ is risen, "Christ will come again" or again we ask in the second of the mysteries, "lord Jesus, come in glory" and again in the third mystery we expectantly say. "until you come in glory". We too should be completely humbled by the very idea that we are chosen for this great task. Only God in his greater wisdom knows why he chose you and I. God with his knowledge of the future knows what we care capable of by and with his grace. We may not presume to say to God that he chose badly. He, and only He, by being our creator knows our potential. All that we have to do is to give our humblest of yes and then act with confidence and trust in his Divine Providence to create the circumstances that will lead to an event that to my way of thinking will not be unlike the Incarnation of God in us. It is the very word of the scriptures and the messages not only given by the Little pebble, but by many other mystics around the world that give us the certitude of faith.

Godís word cannot return to him empty and without being fulfilled. His word has to take flesh, if not in us then in someone else who will fulfil perfectly the will of the Most High God. It is our very faith in action, our sacrifices, our yearning to fulfil, that will also bring forward the second coming of Our Lord, and in that same action he will send the Holy Ghost on us as he sent it on the Virgin Mary to bring us his gifts.

Why I say that all this is the truth of the missions of all the individuals that are concerned with the mission of the Little Pebble, because scripture has to been fulfilled. We have Godís word for it. So to bring it to the very basics it is our belief in God in the first place and then secondly in the belief in the words that he sends daily to his various voice boxes around the world.

Finally, the second part of the question of the title of the talk.

Are we living the truth?

The answer can be both "yes" and "no". It depends completely on the individual chosen Soul as he or she responds to Godís call. If the answer to the call is a true yes in the heart and Soul of the individual person and then responds generously with his body. To put that into concrete terms and also in a very simple way so that we all can understand without any doubt about the meaning of it. Each of us has to answer to himself and in the light of God who is all truth.

I have to ask myself. Am I truly living in humble obedience and with a generous heart under the lawful superiors God has placed over me? That in the end is the only test. It is the same test that the angels in heaven had and also the same test that Adam and Eve had. It is not an easy test, and the odds are stacked against us, for in both examples there was a failure. Many of the angels fell, and Adam and Eve also failed. All that we have to hang onto is that Godís promise will be fulfilled, for it cannot be any different, Godís word cannot come back to him empty it is left to the individual to fulfil the promise. It is in his very humble action of saying yes, not just once, but hourly and daily both to God directly with our intellect and with our hearts and bodyís to serve our superiors and each other with true charity.

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