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The Apostolate of Holy Motherhood (and Fatherhood)
(Soon to be introduced into the next revision of the Rule and Constitutions)

Fundamental to the identity of the Order of Saint Charbel is the true value motherhood and fatherhood as the vocation of the family. The Order sees one of its prime directives as the guardianship of the families along with the essential values of Catholic family life. Devotion to duty in the home with its pastoral care for the children is the primary value. The Holy Ghost has inspired this revision according to the true dignity of the family and its priority in the life of the members.

  • March 2001: Cover Letter compiled by Mr. Ted Stokes and members of the Community of the Sacred Heart on the changes to be introduced into the Rule and Constitutions

  • March 2001: Chart of Revisions - part of the same letter with a comparison of those elements in need of change.

  • April 2001: "The Order of St Charbel in the light of the Apostolate of Holy Motherhood and Fatherhood". The Apostolate, offers a new light on Community life. Mr. Christopher Stokes gave this conference at the Easter Retreat in April 2001 at the Community of Gethsemane. "For a number of years we have been using a shoehorn to try and lever families into the centuries old mould of religious life. We are now coming to realise that it is indeed religious life that needs to be redefined to accommodate the truly varied requirements of married and family life."

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