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The Order of Saint Charbel Confraternity Membership is divided into two major sectors:


1.1 The Saint Charbel House of Prayer, Peace, Unity and Reconciliation is an Apostolate on its own, and very much integrated with the Four Branches of the Order of Saint Charbel.

1.2 The Prayer Houses originated from private revelation at the public messages from Our Lady given to the Little Pebble at the Holy Grounds, Nowra, New South Wales, Australia, on 13th July, 1985. This 'Great Plan' of Heaven, for the Prayer Houses was to bring peace, and to hold back the chastisement.

1.3 What is promoted in these Houses of Prayer are prayers of traditional significance, namely: First Saturday Devotions, and love for the Blessed Sacrament.

1.4 Each Saint Charbel House of Prayer has a registration number, a special Patron Saint - and three Angels: one from the Seraphim, one from the Virtues, and one from the Archangels - to protect each house from all danger, and cast out the demons.

1.5 Many Graces are bestowed upon those who attend these Saint Charbel Houses of Prayer, Peace, Unity, and Reconciliation. These Prayer Houses will be the extension of the Holy Grounds where Our Blessed Mother can reach all of mankind to bring them back to Her Divine Son. There will be many cures and conversions, and many petitions will be answered.

1.6 Where possible, as in many such houses, this devotion is held in Churches, Monasteries, and Convents. In this case groups and individuals register themselves - and unite all their prayers and good works - with the Order of Saint Charbel.


1.1 The Living Stones were inspired by several Nuns in Poland, to be Living Prayer Houses, similar to the Saint Charbel Houses of Prayer, Peace, Unity and Reconciliation. This inspiration came through the desire to be involved in the Houses of Prayer due to restrictions laid by the Rule of the Order, or pressure from their Superiors.

1.2 On 6th January, 1990, at the Saint Charbel House of Prayer, Peace, Unity and Reconciliation, at Nowra, Our Lord spoke these words:

1.3 "My Heart is overflowing with Mercy and Love for the human race. I have offered the world, the Church and mankind, many ways to come to Me. Become Living Stones of Prayer, My sweet children - Temples of My Spirit, that you may be likened to My Most Holy Mother - a House of Prayer in your hearts; a Temple of Prayer, Sacrifice and Penance. Let Me build upon your souls and your hearts the New Jerusalem, for you shall be Living Stones in the world. The world will find me once again in My Living Stones - upon the earth - and the New Temple of My Heart in your souls will be built upon the earth."

1.4 A registration number is sent to all the souls who desire to unite their spirit in this holy work, and Our Lord promised very great Graces for souls who engage themselves in this apostolate.

1.5 All those who involve themselves in this Mission of reparation and  prayer - as Living Stones - will have their names permanently engraved in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, never to be erased.



It is to be noted that the Order of Saint Charbel has many other Apostolic Works - one being the Saint Charbel Mass League for the Living and the Dead. If you desire to have your name or family enrolled into the Mass League, please write to:

The Saint Charbel Order Mass League,
P.O. Box 815, NOWRA. 2541 - N.S.W., AUSTRALIA


The Saint Charbel Order also has a store for Religious Items - the Saint Philomena Centre. You may write to obtain a catalogue to:

The Saint Philomena Centre,
P.O. Box 815, NOWRA. 2541 - N.S.W., AUSTRALIA


A quarterly Magazine - the Apocalyptic Ark - is published by the Saint Charbel Order Fathers. The purpose of the magazine is to explain the progress of the Mission and how it relates to Church and global affairs. It is an expressed need of the people to know what is truly happening at the Apparition sites around the world, and how they are inter-connected with Our Lady's Plan for Redemption. You can obtain a subscription by writing to:

The Apocalyptic Ark Magazine,
P.O. Box 815 Nowra 2541 - N.S.W., AUSTRALIA

For anyone seeking information about the External Membership, and the Confraternity, please write to this address:

The Order of Saint Charbel
P.O. Box 815, NOWRA. 2541 - N.S.W., AUSTRALIA

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